Muser is changing the structure and culture of academic research at Duke so that undergraduate research opportunities from all disciplines are visible and accessible to all. 

More than 3000 registered users and more than 500 authenticated mentors have participated in Muser since its founding at Duke. Join our effort to achieve accessible, transparent, equitable, and multidisciplinary research experiences for students and mentors.

Every round offers a new suite of undergraduate research positions from all disciplines.

Muser provides Duke students with regularly-scheduled, clearly articulated, and equitable access to research opportunities across all fields.  Research mentors are members of the entire Duke University research community who can provide meaningful research experiences for students. Mentors are graduate students, postdocs, lab technicians, research team leaders, principal investigators, and professors.

Muser runs at least five rounds per year:  start of the fall semester for fall positions, mid-fall semester for spring semester positions, spring semester for the following fall semester positions, and spring semester for summer positions.

Read the timeline below to see where we are in our latest round.

Timeline for Early Spring for Summer 2023 Round

For Research Mentors

  • Wednesday, February 8 at 12:00am - First day to post projects
  • Friday, February 17 at 5:00pm - Last day to post projects
  • Monday, February 27 at 12:00am - First day to accept applications
  • Friday, March 10 at 5:00pm - Last day to accept applications
  • Saturday, March 11 at 12:00am - First day to agree to contracts
  • Sunday, March 26 at 5:00pm - Last day to agree to contracts

For Students

  • Saturday, February 18 at 12:00am - First day to apply for projects
  • Sunday, February 26 at 11:59pm - Last day to apply for projects
  • Saturday, March 11 at 12:00am - First day to agree to contracts
  • Sunday, March 26 at 5:00pm - Last day to agree to contracts

Recent Musings

Muser data presented at international conference

Muser scope, goals, and data outcomes were presented as a poster at an international conference in January 2023.  The ability of Muser software to address stakeholder needs - including students, mentors, and administrators - was featured alongside data from three institutions currently using Muser software.  Read through the poster to learn how Muser is addressing the pressing needs for equity and access in interdisciplinary academic research.

Muser & JobX

This is an announcement that, as of today, April 25th, Duke's new student job search platform, JobX, has launched. If you are a Muser mentor who is hiring student(s) with Work-Study in the fall and beyond, you are impacted.