2021-2022 Updates

*Mentors: Please read this page before posting any research opportunity to Muser*

Muser has some new features! We upgraded the Muser platform Summer 2021 to include three new functions:

If you have another mentor, PI, or collaborator who you would like to have access to the student applications, you can now select them as an additional mentor during project posting.  Note that in order to do so, that individual needs to be an approved Muser mentor.

We have added the ability to download the student application materials.  You will see that as a pdf download button once Muser enters the application review phase.

We have added a new “badge” in addition to the “gold star” mentor.  The new badge is the agreement to perform a mentor-student contract for the position.  You will see this as an opt-in check box when posting a project.  This is new for us, so we recommend choosing this option only if you would like to be part of the small community exploring how concrete agreements between mentors and students enhance the quality of mentored research experience. 

Before clicking this option, please ensure that you have a draft student-mentor contract available - we have pulled together some reference contracts from other institutions to serve as inspiration for your own. 

Below is more information and some tips on how to craft this contract:

Infographic introducing the "Muser Handshake." Text reads: "A handshake icon on a project means that there will be a written contract between project mentors and mentees. This contract should be a two-way living document that outlines expectations for both mentors and mentees. We encourage all mentors and mentees to work together to create this contract, but it is not needed prior to the mentor's posting a project to Muser. The icon stands for your intention to produce and uphold this contract that will be created after mentees are chosen. For mentors: Hold mentees accountable for time spent weekly on a project  Make mentee responsibilities clear Outline what skills will be taught to mentees Let mentees know your own availability and how often they can expect to meet with you. For mentees: Describe how much time you can dedicate to research Clarify what you are prepared or not prepared to be responsible for (animal welfare, working with human subjects, etc.) Explain which skills you expect to learn through this project Hold mentors accountable for meetings and trainings. Please reach out to muser@duke.edu for more information." End ID

How to define your research project (Mentors)

Mentors will need to specify how their research project will be conducted. We ask that in your description of your project, please include one of the three options below: 

In-Person: Your project requires physically meeting students or doing work that cannot be done online such as bench work in a lab. Students who will not be living in Durham will not be able to participate.

Hybrid: Your project may have both optional in-person and online components to it and thus could be a good option for students who may be living in Durham, or students who may not be physically returning. 

Online: Your entire project will be done virtually with no in-person interaction. Any student, regardless of where they will be living will be eligible to participate.

Funding Limitations (Mentors)

Dear Muser Mentors,

Before posting your projects or accepting students, please review this post about hiring students who will not physically be in the State of North Carolina.

Duke cannot hire hourly workers outside of North Carolina as Duke employees, because the institution is not set up to be in compliance with other states’ non-exempt payroll and tax laws. That said, researchers are able to work with their departmental business managers to explore hiring options through third-party agencies. We encourage you to reach out to your financial managers for further guidance. Muser does not play any role in supporting, approving, or administering funding for projects.

In posting your research project please be very clear in your description what your funding limitations may be.

Muser Team