2022-2023 Updates

*Mentors: Please read this page before posting any research opportunity to Muser*

Muser & JobX

On April 25th, Duke's new student job search platform, JobX, went live. The site provides a streamlined process that allows employers to post openings and students to apply, and it replaces the job listings tab on DukeList.


The impetus behind using JobX at Duke is, in part, to ensure that employers who hire students with Federal Work-Study funds are adhering to federal guidelines regarding the program. If you are a Muser mentor who hires students with Work Study funds, you are impacted by this launch.


If you hire student researcher(s) with Federal Work-Study, you must also post your research project on JobX as a job listing, and manually report the student(s) you hired under that listing. If you hire more than one student with Work-Study, you must add them to the same listing.


For Muser mentors hiring students without Federal Work-Study, you do not need to concurrently post your research position on JobX.


For more information about the Federal Work-Study program, go to this webpage, or reach out to the Karsh Financial Aid Office at finaid@duke.edu. If your student(s) have questions about their specific Work-Study allocation, they should have an assigned financial aid officer they can contact.


For any questions about the JobX site or the process of posting jobs and adding student hires, email Student Employment at studentemployment@duke.edu.


Research Funding

Muser does not manage or administer any research funding for students. However, here are some resources administered by the Duke Undergraduate Research Support Office (DURS):

  1. URS Assistantships, applications open August 29th, 2022

    1. These "provide salary funds to a student to assist faculty on a research project."

  2. URS Independent Study Grants, applications open August 29th, 2022

    1. These "are provided to help defray research expenses of up to $400 for Trinity and Pratt students enrolled in faculty-supervised independent study courses or the equivalent such as thesis and research capstone courses."

  3. Deans' Summer Research Fellowships, summer only

    1. "The goals of the Deans' Summer Fellowship Program are to strengthen undergraduate research opportunities for undergraduates, to enlarge the scope of undergraduate research conducted on and off campus during the summer, and to provide support to enable undergraduates to extend the period over which they engage in research."

Muser Handshake

Last summer, we added the option for mentors to perform a mentor-student contract for their project. Checking this opt-in box while posting projects means a "handshake" icon will show up next to the project title. This icon is visible to students.


We encourage those of you have opted into mentor-student contracts to keep doing so, and mentors who have never done so to give it a try. Encouraging mentor-student contracts is one way that Muser seeks to make research transparent - these contracts give both mentors and students the chance to enumerate responsibilities, expectations, research goals, etc., and they enhance the quality of mentored research experiences across the board.


The contents and structure of these contracts are defined by mentors and students. If you need some inspiration, here are some example contracts developed at other institutions.

Below is more information and some tips on how to craft this contract:

Infographic introducing the "Muser Handshake." Text reads: "A handshake icon on a project means that there will be a written contract between project mentors and mentees. This contract should be a two-way living document that outlines expectations for both mentors and mentees. We encourage all mentors and mentees to work together to create this contract, but it is not needed prior to the mentor's posting a project to Muser. The icon stands for your intention to produce and uphold this contract that will be created after mentees are chosen. For mentors: Hold mentees accountable for time spent weekly on a project  Make mentee responsibilities clear Outline what skills will be taught to mentees Let mentees know your own availability and how often they can expect to meet with you. For mentees: Describe how much time you can dedicate to research Clarify what you are prepared or not prepared to be responsible for (animal welfare, working with human subjects, etc.) Explain which skills you expect to learn through this project Hold mentors accountable for meetings and trainings. Please reach out to muser@duke.edu for more information." End ID

If you have any questions, visit our FAQ or use the contact form at the bottom of this page (once logged in).

Muser Team