About us

Muser provides a specially-designed, web-based software interface for researchers to post and students to apply for research projects at set times throughout the year using a clear and equitable platform. 

Muser has served nearly 1000 mentors across Duke. From 2020-2022, more than 20% of all Duke undergraduates and over 40% of first year students applied to Muser projects.

Duke's Muser for Undergraduates program involves research mentors including Duke faculty, research team leaders, postdocs, graduate students, lab technicians, and research affiliates. 

Learn how Duke is leading a multi-university effort to achieve equity, accessibility, and transparency for academic research positions through the Muser web-based software application.

Multiple National Science Foundation research grants to Prof. Patek continue to fund development of this program.  Duke’s Offices for Undergraduate Education, Digital Education and Innovation, and Interdisciplinary Studies have supported this program. The current version of Muser was built by Jay Beaton Consulting.

Once users have logged in, Muser staff can be contacted by clicking Contact at the base of any page on the site.

The People Behind the Project