"Sitting at the Table Doesn't Make You a Diner"

John Markis, T’22 reflects on his summer Muser research experience in the Black Lives Matter/ Vidas Negras Importam Exhibition.

“Sitting at the table doesn’t make you a diner. You must be eating some of what’s on that plate. Being here in America doesn’t make you an American. Being born here in America doesn’t make you an American.” -Malcolm X


A New Frontier

Muser Student Director Catherine McMillan (T '22) ponders what research will look like in the midst of COVID-19 and gives a charge on how universities should move forward. 

Additional Summer 2020 Opportunities

In light of COVID-19, there has been an increased demand for alternative summer plans and research opportunities for Duke undergraduates. As our first summer round will be coming to a close soon, the Muser team would like to highlight alternative summer options that the Duke Library system and the Director's of Academic Engagement (DAE's) at the Academic Advising Center have put together. Please see the links below for further information for current Duke undergraduates.

Searching for research results

Student Director Catherine McMillan ('22) describes her frustration finding undergraduate research opportunities in the Social Sciences and Humanities fields as a first-year student.

I’m currently a sophomore at Duke University, woefully undecided what I’m going to major in and restlessly anticipating the moment I actually get involved in faculty-led research.