Example Mentor-Student Contracts for Mentors Participating in Muser Handshake

In case you missed it: one of Muser's new features starting the Fall 2021 round is the "handshake" badge. The badge indicates that the mentor posting the project in question has agreed to develop a mentor-student contract with their student researchers.

If you are a mentor participating in Muser's "handshake" feature, the Undergraduate Muser Team thanks you for being willing to try out this new way of building relationships with student researchers. Our hope is that a mentor-student contract will make mentors' expectations for students and vice-versa more transparent from the very beginning, so the quality of the research is enhanced for all parties.

To aid mentors in writing contracts as Muser moves into the student application review stage (contracts should be created after students are selected), we'd like to share two sample contracts—one developed at Oregon State University, the other developed at Northern Illinois University.

Feel free to use these contracts as inspiration in the writing process. Ultimately, mentors will write contracts that are specific to their project, research topic, etc., but we hope these sample contracts provide some initial guidance.