Muser & JobX

This is an announcement that, as of today, April 25th, Duke's new student job search platform, JobX, has launched. This streamlined process allows employers to post openings and students to apply, and it replaces the job listings tab on DukeList.


The impetus behind using JobX at Duke is, in part, to ensure that employers who hire students with Federal Work-Study funds are adhering to federal guidelines regarding the program. If you are a Muser mentor who is hiring student(s) with Work-Study in the fall and beyond, you are impacted by this launch.


If you hire student researcher(s) with Federal Work-Study, you must also post your research project on JobX as a job listing, and manually report the student(s) you hired under that listing. If you hire more than one student with Work-Study, you must add them to the same listing.


For Muser mentors hiring students without Federal Work-Study, you do not need to concurrently post your research position on JobX.


If you are unsure if your hire(s) have Work-Study funds, you will need to ask them directly. If your student(s) are unsure if they will have Work-Study funds for the fall, you may need to wait until they receive next academic year's financial aid breakdown.


For more information about the Federal Work-Study program, go to this webpage, or reach out to the Karsh Financial Aid Office at If your student(s) have questions about their specific Work-Study allocation, they should have an assigned financial aid officer they can contact.


For any questions about the JobX site or the process of posting jobs and adding student hires, email Student Employment at